Monday, November 7, 2011

The X Factor Continues a Steady Course, But When Will it Dazzle Us?

The Top 12 performed this past week on The X Factor and once again I was left wanting more. Am I expecting too much from this show? Did I want it to be better than American Idol, and now I'm left disappointed?

Of course, there were some solid performances, but the majority left me wanting more. These contestants are without a doubt talented, but no one blew me away.


I love Rachel Crowe but I didn't love this performance. Although Rachel has more charisma than money can buy, the cheesiness of the song choice negated all that.

Lakoda Rayne's rendition of "Landslide" reminded me of girl's night out at a karaoke bar. I didn't think the harmonies worked in this, despite different thoughts by some of the judges. The outfits, which did look like prom dresses, were too mature for such young women.

I am not being a hater, but I have heard many other singers sing this song better than Stacy. She needs to keep her eye on the prize, and not act like she has won already. There is plenty more work to be done as far as I'm concerned.


For a singer who is one of the best natural talents in the competition, Nicole has really made it difficult for LeRoy Bell to do well. The only reason he hasn't been eliminated is really a testament to his voice and how well loved he is by the public. Nicole, if you're listening, please, a decent song for the man this week.

Astro needs to watch his back or he may find himself being the first boy to be eliminated from this competition. "Hip Hop Hooray" was just not the right jam for him to be taking on.

InTENsity was not the worst this round, but yet, they found themselves eliminated on Thursday night after their performance of "Kids In America" and Party Rock" fell short for America. I believe these kids actually did work hard, and I think they could do well in a setting like The Disney Company.


Stereo Hoggz are probably the strongest group left, "Rhythm Nation" was the best group performance this week, but they need to step it up or they will find themselves in the bottom two again!

Chris Rene was the most improved contestant from last week. His rendition of Superstar was solid considering that this is such a difficult song to pull off. What didn't work was the "fire" background, and I agreed with Simon saying, L.A. really sent you to hell Chris. He will have to continue to work hard because Marcus Canty is building a real fan base.

As cheesy as the song choice was, Melanie Amaro is destined for stardom. She displayed great poise and maturity for someone who hasn't had musical experience.


Josh Krajcik's version of "Jar of Hearts" was a big risk that paid off big time; it was soul stirring and Josh is so good that when he sings a song well, no one can beat him.

Probably the most interesting song choice of the week, Drew took on "Just a Dream" by Nelly. This girl is a natural born star, and I think she may be the surprise winner of this competition. She just reminds me of that singer with the great voice, and the very free spirit. Simon said, “I’m seeing a star emerge in front of me…she’s my mentor now. I shouldn’t be telling you what to do. You are doing an incredible job.”

Marcus Canty, as many say, could just be a dark horse in this competition. He is, as I said last week, the complete package who can sing, dance, and act. His vocals on "Every Little Step" were spot on, and I applaud L.A. for choosing this song for Marcus. He does have a natural charm about him that makes fans relate to him.

Corny Song Choices: Nicole choosing "I'm Already There" for LeRoy Bell, woah, way cheesy!.... Simon changing Rachel Crowe's lyrics from "I'm Walkin' on Sunshine" to "You're My Sunshine". I don't really understand what the lyric change was supposed to do.... "Landslide" was a real landslide by Lakoda Rayne who would have done better with a more contemporary country song. Paula, quit trying to turn each girl into a season, no one gets it.... "Desperado" for Melanie Amaro was a desperate attempt to make her look non Celine or Whitney when the soul part of her voice should be what's played up.... "Up to The Mountain" for Stacy Francis was just a tad too gimmicky, there are so many other people who have sang this better than her.

Bottom two who sang for survival were TheStereo Hoggz and InTENsity; InTENsity was eliminated.

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