Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Poor Paula, She's down to her final group on The X Factor

Maybe it's the fact that groups are just harder to embrace than a solo singer, but Paula Abdul is down to one group left to mentor on The X Factor. At least one thing is for certain, if Lakoda Rayne falls into the bottom two, she will not be the only judge with an act in jeopardy. Last week, The Stereo Hogzz were eliminated in a suspenseful results show in which Abdul initially refused to vote, saying she did not want to be responsible for sending another one of her acts home, she said it was just too hard.

I believe with the proper management, both groups that have been voted off so far, InTENsity and The Stereo Hoggz could flourish and have successful careers.

Last week was songs from the movies, which proved to be a difficult category for some who just couldn't find their groove.

My vote for the weakest performance of the night went to Stacy Francis who failed to impress me with her Whitney Houston impression. Francis sang "Queen of the Night" from The Bodyguard, and it had nothing to do with her song selection, I actually like that song. I just felt that her performance was weak at best.

My favorite performances of the night came from the oldest performer and the two youngest performers, Leroy Bell, Astro, and Rachel Crowe respectively. Bell performed "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2 and his voice just really sat well in that song. It was clearly his best performance since he started. Astro sang a mixed version of Eminem's inspirational "Lose Yourself"; he changed some of the lyrics to his own; Eminem must be a real Astro fan! Rachel Crowe sang a soulful and touching rendition of Etta Jame's "I'd Rather Go Blind". She just really pulled this off, and I think this makes her a contender once again. Truthfully, after almost a week, I can say those are the three performances that stuck out for me.

Will the other contestants step up and level themselves up to these three standouts?
Will Lakoda Rayne be eliminated leaving Paula with no one?
Will Stacy Francis finally get voted off as she should have last week?
Which judges will have contestants in the bottom two?

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