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My Favorite Things: October 2011 Edition

I have found so much to talk about that I now have a running list, so if anyone who reads my blog would like to suggest an item for "My Favorite Things" please comment on my Facebook page and we'll talk. Just about nothing is off limits and your favorite thing which may become one of "My Favorite Things" may be featured in an upcoming entry.

*Number one this month goes to the cast and crew of One Life to Live who have signed on to do the online version which should begin airing online in January of 2012.

Here is the list so far (actors are in alphabetical order by last name):

Melissa Archer --- Natalie Buchanan Banks
Kassie DePaiva --- Blair Kramer
Michael Easton --- Detective John McBain
Ted King --- Tomas Delgado
Kelley Missal --- Daniella Manning
Sean Ringgold --- Sean Evans
Erika Slezak --- Victoria Lord Davidson
Andrew Trischitta --- Jack Manning
Jerry VerDorn --- Clint Buchanan

Head writer Ron Carlivati has also agreed to a deal to continue as the head writer for the online version of the show. It's really nice to see One Life to Live and Prospect Park sticking it to ABC. I have to say, there are very few shows that I watch on ABC now; three prime time series to be exact: Revenge, Desperate Housewives, and Pan Am. I have barely watched Dancing with the Stars this Season, and I know you all want to know, why am I not watching Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice? Modern Family.... I never really got into it, I know I should, everyone talks about how wonderful it is, maybe I will rent the DVD set of the first season and see how I feel. Grey's Anatomy to me has weakened over the years; it is not the strong series it was when it first started. I'm not saying I don't like Shonda Rhimes, I actually like her very much. As for Private Practice, I don't have many excuses, I am a huge Taye Diggs fan, maybe there is just something else I want to watch more in that time slot.

I have gone completely off topic, back to One Life to Live. I am so proud and so inspired by each person from the cast and crew that signs on to do the online version. It confirms that the daytime television that we all know and love will not go down without a fight.

*Number two is Posie, Rosy Little Things, Felt Ornament Craft Kits (homemade), by Alicia Paulson-- Besides Alicia having her own blog, Rosy Little Things, she also takes the time to make all these wonderful arts and crafts related items and kits. She is truly good at everything. When I stumbled upon, almost by accident, these adorable felt ornament craft kits that you can make at home yourself, I knew I needed to show them. I know what you're thinking, Miss V., it's October, but how can you not be in the holiday spirit already. The weather is getting colder, they're serving pumpkin spice coffee at Dunkin', and retailers already have their holiday merchandise out. Also, there are a limited number available and they do take a little bit of time to make so if you want one, you should order it as soon as possible; I figure that is as good a reason as any to feature these beauties.

This years collection is called Sweet Home, but you should look at some of the collections from the other years as well.....

Last year's Snow Day

2009's Walk in the Woods

and finally, 2008's Ice Skating Afternoon

The kits retail for $30 each and these are keepsakes, sweet ornaments, that you will have and pass down in your family for many years to come. Choose your favorite, or choose them all, and most importantly, have fun!

*Number three is the Rifle Paper Co,'s Fall Holiday Collection-- Halloween and Thanksgiving, unlike the December holidays, literally are just around the corner. Anna Bond continues to surprise even her biggest competition in the stationery world with overwhelmingly endearing cards, papers, notebooks, and gifts. This fall's collection is unlike that of the many year's past. Bond takes it to a new level, and I couldn't be more giddy. Take a look....

*Number four is Lady Antebellum's new album Own the Night-- It's no lie that I have been a Lady A fan since Need You Now literally took over the radio waves and my heart. I should have been a fan from their debut album, one before that, which featured the country hit, I Run to You, an uplifting single about people just trying to be good to one another. Own the Night is full of passion from the title track to the new hit ballad Just A Kiss. I dare you to take a listen, even if you aren't a country music fan; I do guarantee that no matter what, you will be hooked.

*Number five is Bridesmaids on DVD-- It's the movie I regret not seeing this summer, and I think one of my birthday gifts to myself will be buying myself a copy of this on DVD. I have not heard one complaint or negative word about this laugh out loud ladies comedy. With a rounded out cast that includes Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, newly crowned Emmy winner Melissa McCarthy, Wendy Mclendon Covey, and Ellie Kemper, the movie centers around the maid of a honor (Wiig) planning the wedding of her best friend (Rudolph).

*Bonus is Andy Rooney's final regular segment on 60 Minutes. For 33 years, he entertained us with his sometimes crotchety ways, but we loved him regardless. He had the guts to say exactly what was on his mind, it was often what was on our minds too, and for that I am relieved. Relieved, because Journalists like Andy Rooney are the same reason I decided to study Journalism in the first place. I wish there were more Journalists like Andy Rooney, they don't care whether or not what they say makes them popular or not. They care not about pushing their own motives, but rather, about telling the truth. I am so grateful that I lived in this time, I am so happy that my life has been filled with Andy's amazing rhetoric. And Andy, I do promise I won't ever bother you while you are eating your dinner, but I will tell you, you were a conversation piece during many of mine.

His final piece is a must watch if I do say so myself:

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