Wednesday, August 17, 2011

From Day to Night Casual Fall Fashion 2011

Yes, I absolutely understand that unless I am rich I will probably never own a piece of Alexander McQueen anything. However, being that this is my fashion dream, I centered this fashion set around an Alexander McQueen cardigan. A black cardigan is one of the most basic pieces in my wardrobe or in any wardrobe for that matter, and this would be my choice for the ultimate black cardigan. As you can see in this fashion set there are lots of options and the various outfits can really take you from day to night. You can mix and match, but everything comes back to that one special piece. For those who can afford to splurge, know that it would be $1,495 well spent.

Fall Fashion 2011 .... From Day to Night

Alexander McQueen wool cardigan
$1,495 -

Oasis sleeveless shirt
£45 -

Tube top
$17 -

VPL v neck tank top
$195 -

J brand jeans
$190 -

All Saints super skinny jeans
$120 -

H&M leather boots
£25 -

Forever21 platform heels
$23 -

Gold bag
$50 -

Juicy Couture drop earrings
$52 -

Just Female Acces gold necklace
€18 -

Just Female Acces gold necklace
€18 -

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Miss V. said...

The VPL tank top was worn in another color way by actress Bree Williamson on One Life to Live on September 2, 11. She plays Jessica Brennan Buchanan for all those who don't remember actor names.