Sunday, August 28, 2011

Did the Right Person Win So You Think You Can Dance Season 8?

It's been several weeks since the finale of So You Think You Can Dance aired and Season 8 came to a close. Looking back over my notes for the season, I felt the need to wrap things up nicely for those of you who enjoyed hearing about all my favorite routines over the course of the season.

Marko, Melanie, Sasha, and Tadd danced in the finale this year, arguably the strongest four dancers to ever dance in a finale. Each one of these dancers is a triple threat in their own right, and I am almost certain that we will see them dancing in videos, going on tour with entertainers, and acting on Broadway.

The Final 4: 8.10.11

My favorite routines from the finale:

Tadd and Season 4 Winner Joshua Allen danced a hip hop routine choreographed by Lil C, music was Hustle Hard by Ace Hood-- Mary said you did enough to produce a hard hitting hip hop number. Guest judge Kenny Ortega thought the pairing was perfect and they played off each other perfectly. Guest judge Katie Holmes said I completely bought it, you guys were amazing. Lil C, I loved it.
This was definitely my favorite hard hitting hip hop of the season. Tadd definitely proved that although he didn't win the season, he deserved to be here.

Melanie and Season 7's Robert Roldan danced a contemporary routine choreographed by Stacey Tookey, music was Sacrifice by Sinead O'Conner-- Kenny said I would push myself to the front of the line to work with you my darling. Katie said, Melanie, thank you for all your work, you and Robert were magical. Mary said you just have this captivating capability.
It's been hard to not like Melanie this season, she really loves and has a passion for dance. I suppose you could say the same of other dancers in the competition as well. Hearing after the finale was over that Melanie and Marko practiced more than any other couple over the course of the season made me respect Melanie even more. Knowing that every time she came out and danced that she wanted to dance her best for everyone watching her made me see that dance carries meaning with her.

Melanie and Tadd danced a jazz routine choreographed Ray Leeper, music was Show Me What You're Working With by Sister Monica-- Nigel said, Melanie you were stunning and Tadd, you totally redeemed yourself. Kenny told Melanie that she brings theater to everything she does and her chemistry with Tadd was exceptional. Katie said it was so fun to watch and the characters were great. Mary said, Tadd, redemption is the best medicine, and Melanie, you strut like no one else.
This routine was like a cherry on top of a sundae, such a delight to watch.

4th Tadd
3rd Marko
2nd Sasha
WINNER Melanie

I want to congratulate all the dancers on an amazing season. I don't personally know a lot about dance: I don't even dance myself, but every year, I learn more watching the show. Dancing to me is a true expression of one's inner emotions, and requires great athleticism, grace, and physical stamina. I cannot imagine being as unbelievably talented as these dancers are. They are truly blessed with a gift.

So did the right person win So You Think You Can Dance? Weigh in below and comment...
I would have been happy with any of the final four winning, calling me diplomatic if you wish.

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