Wednesday, August 31, 2011

All the Buzz: What to Watch on TV for Fall 2011

Part 1 in a series of 4

From detectives to doctors, Pan Am Stewardesses to Playboy Bunnies, and our old favorites to the newbies we've been waiting for, this season's Fall TV schedule has a lot to offer. Every year around this time, I sit down at my computer and pull up the Fall TV schedule, and I check off the shows I want to watch, "x" out the shows I have no interest in or never have, and I question mark the shows I need to find out about. There's no concrete way of knowing about a new show until you watch it, or watch a preview, or read something about the show that gives you a synopsis of what it's all about.

For the first time in a long time, a few comedies have garnered my interest; this doesn't happen often. I am also finding that there are several dramedies: dramas that contain comedic elements sprinkled intelligently throughout the show. There is a new reality show with some familiar faces that hopes to top all reality shows (you know it's the X-Factor). There are some old faces that we haven't seen in a while trying to do what came so naturally before, like Tim Allen (new show: Last Man Standing, old show: Home Improvement). There are also some shows that have brand new faces to TV like the comedy Two Broke Girls.

This year could be a difficult one for you to plan your TV schedule until critics and the public, including you, have decided on which new shows are worth your time watching. It has already been announced that this will be the last season of ABC's successful dramedy Desperate Housewives which will close the curtains following this, the eighth season. What other shows will take their final bow? At this point, that's anyone's guess.

I like something that a few of the networks are doing this year more than ever before, which is, they are using Saturday night as a night to encore shows that aired during the course of the week. I think this is a smart way of allowing the viewer to see something they could not initially see because maybe they weren't home or they were watching another show on another network.

So here is how this is going to work, this post is going to be the first in a series of posts about the upcoming Fall TV Season. I will note this at the top of the post, for example this is part 1 of 4. This should be fun! To give you a look at what I'm working with, this is the schedule:

I hope you will offer your comments if you agree or disagree with my schedule and my predictions along the way. Please feel free to comment right on my blog or to join me on my Facebook page: Miss V's Voice!

Happy Fall TV Season!

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