Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ashley Hebert: The Bachelorette Season 7 Episodes 8 and 9

I decided to combine the home town dates with the fantasy suite dates in Fiji. Here's what went down....

Episode 8 Home Town Dates

Home town date that most resembled the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Constantine's! Ashley said he was one of the guys that really stuck with her out of the limo. Now that she has gotten to know him she sees so much good in him, he's so honest. She felt comfortable at his restaurant and told his mom that she would be more than happy to relocate to Georgia if it's what makes Constantine happy. Ashley says the thing she loves about Constantine is that she loves hard and she loves for real. I especially loved the part where his entire family showed up and they all started dancing a la My Big Fat Greek Wedding with Constantine's father Dmitri throwing money at them.

Most picturesque home town date: Ames! Ames's sister Serena immediately noticed a spark in Ames that she has never seen before. Ashley revealed that she likes how introspective and independent he is; he's a man. Serena says Ames is a very loyal person and he cares about the people he loves. Ames's mom sees many similarities with her son and Ashley. By far the most picturesque moment takes places when Ames and Ashley have a picnic under a magnolia tree.

Home town date with the deepest conversation: Ben's. Ashley says everything about Ben screams sexiness to her but she wonders if his family will like her as much as he does. He confesses that he hasn't brought many women home to meet his family, and that she shouldn't be worried because he is confident in what they have built together. Ben's sister Julia says that Ben is in touch with his emotions and feels that he knows what he wants.

Home town date with the most flashbacks: J.P. He takes Ashley to a roller skating rink and she says she feels like they are back in seventh grade again. It is clear that they are so comfortable with one another, and J.P. tells her he feels 100% certain of their relationship. Ashley tells J.P.'s mother that she is smitten with him. His mom can tell that J.P. is not just taken by how beautiful she is on the outside but also how beautiful she is on the inside.

Ames is eliminated in the end.

Episode 9 Fiji

Ryan comes back asking Ashley for another chance and more time together.

Ben: They spend the day on the water on a yacht and they comment on how easy they feel their relationship is. Then they go snorkeling together; it's so clear to me throughout this date that Ben is in love with Ashley. He later confesses he is but does not tell her. Could this mistake prove to be a costly one for Sonoma's most gorgeous bachelor? Ashley says she had a sense of comfort today with Ben that she didn't have before and they take advantage of the fantasy suite by taking a dip in the suite's outdoor pool. Ben then carries her back to their suite.

Constantine: This date was a disaster from almost the beginning. Ashley says Constantine is always guarded and very careful with what he says. She looks at him but can never tell what he is thinking. Ashley thinks maybe he needs time, but they are running out of time. He ultimately leaves before they ever get to the fantasy suite. He says he wouldn't be able to propose to her and he can't say he's in love with her and he promised he wouldn't go further if that wasn't the case.

Ashley told Ryan that she couldn't be with him because they lacked a passion that she found with two other guys.

J.P.: Ashley says J.P. has been her rock throughout this whole process. They fly on a seaplane and go to a private island together where Ashley confesses that Ryan came back and Constantine left. J.P. says he is definitely in love with Ashley, and yet, he too decides not to tell her!

Who will Ashley choose?
Ben or J.P.?

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