Monday, July 11, 2011

Ashley Hebert: The Bachelorette Season 7 Episode 6

This is the episode where Bentley comes back, as if we haven't heard enough about this guy, now we have to see him again.

This is also the episode where, gasp, Mickey McLean leaves pulling himself out of the running for Ashley's heart.

Some fun stuff from her meeting with Bentley:
She asked Bentley why he left her with a "dot, dot, dot," if he didn't really want her.
She says "mission a-f*****g-complished" to: were you trying to get me to want you even though you knew you weren't going to stay?
She asks him why he came, "was it for the free vaca(tion)?"
I love when she leaves and he tries to say goodbye to her and she says nothing and just walks out the door and doesn't look back.

Cutest one on one date: Lucas's! Their date was in Kowloon, Hong Kong which is famous for its lights. They watch street performers and Ashley has this unbelievable glow to her, presumably because she is now free from Bentley and she feels free to pursue the other men. Lucas and Ashley dine on a yacht and he makes a toast to, "a woman I thought I'd never meet, and a life I hope to have." He says the hardest thing he has gone through is his divorce but he truly believes that everything in life happens for a reason. Ashley ends her date by talking about how she feels very comforted by Lucas; he is one of those men that makes her feel like a woman. I love how Lucas asked for permission to kiss her, how super sexy was that?

The group date is a dragon boat race, the guys are put into groups of two and have to recruit people to help them race against one another. Ben and Constantine, Ryan and Blake, and Ames and Mickey square off and Ames and Mickey end up winning. They recruited their team by finding people who actually do dragon boat race, so they had the strongest team.

Best one on one date: J.P. and Ashley-- Ashley asks J.P. what was the last thing that made him cry. J.P. answers: his ex. He said he had to wait for his heart to catch up with his brain because although being with her was not a good idea his heart was not ready to let go. Ashley sees him as a determined, committed, and loyal family man. Ashley decides to confess to J.P. that she saw Bentley two days ago in Hong Kong. Ashley says she needed closure from Bentley in order to move forward with the other guys and give 100%. J.P. says he is happy that Ashley felt comfortable enough to tell him and talk with him about it. He feels he is more attached emotionally to Ashley than he has ever been to anyone. He is crazy about Ashley and doesn't want the night to end and she doesn't either.
Dare I say that I think that these two are the perfect match. J.P. is so understanding of Ashley and her need to have to closure.

Best fiasco: The various responses of the men after Ashley tells them that she saw Bentley.
Constantine says it seems what Ashley told them about moving on with her life is contradictory.
Lucas questioned why she didn't find closure earlier?
J.P. said she is being selfless and honest. She didn't need to tell us anything, she could have just gone on, and if she wanted Bentley back then he would have been here.
Blake said I don't wanna play second fiddle to anyone.
Mickey asked to be sent home and walked off. He said Ashley has a good heart but he isn't the one for her.
Ashley then broke down in tears giving the remaining guys a heartfelt speech about how she didn't want to hurt anyone and cares about all of them so much.

Mickey left and Blake is eliminated.

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