Wednesday, April 6, 2011

American Idol Season 10: The Top 9 Rock n' Roll is Here to Stay!

Steven Tyler opened the show with a little tour of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. All the ladies will be dress in clothes from Gwen Stefani's clothing line, L.A.M.B. mentored along with Jimmy Iovine this week.

01 Jacob Lusk sang Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson-- Steven called it beautiful and well done. Jennifer said when you sing you prove that when you believe in yourself and do what's right, it works. Randy said that was hot, there were Jacob moments all over this performance. I loved the richness of Jacob's voice in this performance; this was a definite Jacob performance for me. It was my personal favorite of his since he began his journey in the finals. I feel Michael would have been happy with this, and as Randy said, good for him for having the courage to change his song and sing something that meant something to him.
Score: 9.9

02 Haley Reinhart sang Piece of my Heart by Janis Joplin-- Jennifer said, Haley, you're showing that you're a contender. Randy said that was the Haley we first saw and fell in love with. Steven loved the whole performance and said she nailed the sound that Janis Joplin created. You know, last year I loved Crystal Bowersox and she had a song similar to Haley's albeit Crystal had a less gravelly voice, but Haley just does not blow me away. I liked her voice in this but there didn't seem to be much feeling or emotion behind it. It's like she was not as connected to the song as she should have been. Haley, I welcome your voice back, but the rest of you needs to come with it.
Score: 8

03 Casey Abrams sang Have You Ever Seen the Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival-- Randy said you made CCR proud; I liked you bringing the bass into it. Steven said you're not just a singer, you're a musician; I don't know anyone who can play the stand up bass. Jennifer said, that's where you belong on stage with your bass, and I'm paying top dollar to sit in the first row. I liked this performance but I didn't love it, it was a little lackluster for me. There wasn't a lot that was special about it, yes Casey is musical but I think there needs to be more.
Score: 8

04 Lauren Alaina sang Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin-- Steven said I loved your voice, I think you're great. Jennifer said, you're amazing. Randy said you picked one of the toughest songs, and you did a good job, so props to you on that. This was a good performance and Lauren was in the pocket; however, something Randy said is true. There have been contestants in past seasons that have completely blown me away with that song, namely Kelly Clarkson. For me, the minute Kelly sang that song and performed it the way she did, she clinched the competition for me. I still remember the high note.
Score: 9

05 James Durbin sang While My Guitar Gently Weeps by George Harrison-- Jennifer said it was great to see this other side of you, this vulnerability. Randy said I loved seeing the emotional side of James Durbin. You have to take chance to be an artist, and you did; good job dog. Steven said that was a really proud moment for you, thanks for sharing that man. It was amazing to see James perform that song and to hear him perform it like that. I am so used to seeing this energetic guy, and to see that was beautiful.
Score: 10

06 Scotty McCreery sang That's All Right Mama by Elvis Presley-- Randy said Scotty is in it to win it and proved he is no one trick pony. Steven said I hope that kind of music comes back because you do it so well. Jennifer said I love how you had fun up there; loved the whole thing. I feel that this was another amazing performance by Scotty and I feel the whole country music world is going to embrace this kid because he is so talented.
Score: 10

07 Pia Toscano sang River Deep Mountain High by Tina Turner-- Steven said you killed it, a million guys in a million bars are thinking of you tonight. Jennifer said, check, vocally, you proved to everyone you can sing an uptempo song. You're amazing, spectacular, keep studying and work on performance. Randy said you delivered on the uptempo, find your vibe because you're in it to win it. Wow, this was seamless as always. Pia's vocals always impress the hell out of me! She definitely has a natural ability to sing, similar to Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera. Go Pia!
Score: 10

08 Stefano Langone sang When a Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge-- Jennifer said it was beautiful and it had another layer of emotion to it. It sounded like you were actually singing to someone or about someone for the first time. I knew you had it in you. Randy said it was a little bit jerky. Steven said he liked the range in his voice and complimented him on the emotion behind the song. This started out a little rough, and I am surprised that the judges didn't say anything because it sounded like he was on top of the note. However, what I will say is Stefano brought it home, and this performance had something none of his other performances have had: emotion.
Score: 9.5

09 Paul McDonald sang Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash-- Randy said Paul, three words: I love it. Steven echoed the sentiment. Jennifer said I loved it, it was right in your lane and the perfect way to end the show. What I really loved about it besides Paul's originality was the rawness and the authenticity he brought to the performance. Paul is the true definition of an artist to me.
Score: 9.9

Power Rankings:
1. James Durbin
1. Scotty McCreery
1. Pia Toscano
4. Jacob Lusk
4. Paul McDonald
6. Stefano Langone
7. Lauren Alaina
9. Hayley Reinhart
9. Casey Abrams

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