Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Idol Season 10: The Top 6 Cover Carole King

Sorry this post is so late, it's not that I wasn't inspired last night.

Jacob was up first and he sang, Oh No Not My Baby--
Pluses: Jacob told brought it back to his comfort zone which is Gospel music. I think it was one of his best performances of the entire season.
Minuses: He went sharp in a few areas and he was in the bottom three last week.
Notable Judge's Comment: Steven said, "we all knew you could sing but when you strut like that, that's the magic."
Score: 9

Lauren sang Where You Lead--
Pluses: This is a young woman with talent and charisma, she is top three bound for sure. Jennifer said she was pushing and that she is so proud of her. She responds well to judges' criticism because Randy said she came out with a vengeance, and he urged her to do this for herself, and continue to go hard.
Minuses: Will Lauren stop being so sweet and start competing, her song was a little bit too safe.
Score: 9

* Hayley and Casey sang I Feel the Earth Move-- This was a great duet; their voices work so well together.

Scotty sang You've Got a Friend--
Pluses: This was a truly flawless performance that showed that Scotty is not just a country singer but a singer. It came across very sincere and I have never heard Scotty sound better. This guy could go all the way.
Minuses: Were there any?
Score: 10

James sang Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow--
Pluses: Jennifer called it a magical performance and noted James's consistency. This guy has never faltered throughout the whole competition. Randy said you're not just a rock singer but a great singer. You might just win this whole thing.
Minuses: I have nothing to say.
Score: 10

* Scotty and Lauren sang Up On the Roof-- These two singing together can do no wrong.

Casey Abrams sang Hi-De-Ho--
Pluses: In true Casey form it was unique.
Minuses: Was this performance enough to keep him out of the bottom three? At this point I am not sure.
Score: 9

Haley Reinhart sang Beautiful--
Pluses: Haley has finally found who she is as a singer. She is bluesy and did you ever notice how she has those high cheek bones, a-la Mariah Carey?
Minuses: Did the lovely Haley take too long to find herself in a competition that has 6 people left? I sure hope not.
Score: 9.5

* Jacob and James sang Something Tells Me-- I found this a little bit of an odd pairing, but I was pleasantly surprised with the performance and vocals.

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