Monday, November 28, 2016

The Top 10 Perform on The Voice Season 11

Team Adam: Billy Gilman sang Anyway by Martina McBride-- Coaches are on their feet again. That was unreal! Just when I thought he couldn't stretch his voice further he did. It was amazing. Blake thought his range was incredible. Miley said he may be the winner of the Voice. Adam said you still astound me, I can't explain how special what we just heard was.

Team Blake: Courtney Harrell sang Turn Back Time by Cher-- Alicia likes the partnership that Blake and Courtney have created. Blake said your stage presence and personality really came out. I feel like Courtney does continue to grow but with everyone growing at such a quick level I am unsure if she will be left behind.

Team Adam: Josh Gallagher sang Real Good Man by Tim McGraw-- I loved that song choice for him I love the whole performance. Alicia said she loves watching Josh perform. Adam said you've been really consistent and everyone loves you. I was blown away by you, and a country star was born on that stage tonight.

Team Miley: Aaron Gibson sang Rocket Man by Elton John-- Adam said he loves what Aaron does and is a huge fan of his voice and will continue to be even after the show. Miley said she loves that he is true to who he is as an artist. I love that she made the reference to Dave Matthews cause that's definitely who I hear when Aaron sings.

Team Alicia: Christian Cuevas sang Million Reasons by Lady Gaga-- Blake thought that his performance was timely. I love that you ended that in a different way. Alicia felt that an artist was born tonight and that Christian truly touched everyone watching. I loved this, I thought the song was perfect for him, it seemed like he really felt it.

Team Blake: Austin Allsup sang Missing You by John Waite-- Austin has really become one of my personal favorites on the show, I am routing for him to make it to the finals, I think he's that good. He belongs in country music and on the radio right now. Miley said it was one of her favorite Austin performances. Blake said you took a classic and made it your own, that was really good.

Team Alicia: We McDonald sang God Bless the Child by Billie Holiday-- Unreal, what a magical performance. It was one of my favorites tonight. Alicia said, oh my gosh, there's no one like you. It's beautiful to appreciate and honor who you are.

Team Adam: Brendan Fletcher sang True Colors by Cyndi Lauper-- That was powerful. Brendan took me from being a fan to being a believer, I love that he took a classic 80s song and made it relevant now. Miley said you made that my favorite new song that I am going to listen to on repeat.

Team Blake: Sundance Head sang Me and Jesus by Tom T. Hall-- Sundance is another guy that completely belongs in this competition. I loved how that was like a gospel song in church. Alicia said you have my heart Sundance, every time you sing, I am at home. Blessings. Blake said I want to congratulate you, we've never experienced anything like that on this show. Everyone has their own relationship with God and your performance means a lot.

Team Miley: Ali Caldwell sang Without You by Mariah Carey-- I am going to say Ali did just enough tonight to keep her safe from going home. She is going to see another week. I thought this was a great song choice to showcase her vocals.

My prediction for bottom 2 is Courtney and Aaron

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