Monday, September 29, 2014

The Voice Season Seven : Week Two, Night Three

John Martin sang Sweet Pea-- Little bit of a lame song choice, but he's original. He got everyone minus Adam to turn with Blake turning quite early on. I loved the tone in his voice, his falsetto is lovely. Adam said Blake would be good for you, and that's the first time I've ever said that in the history of The Voice. John actually went with Adam and Blake.
Team Blake

Jessie Pitts sang The Story-- Jessie's voice was sweet, but I feel like Blake chose her for the sentimental value to the song rather than her vocal abilities. I have a feeling she is going to be cannon fodder. Gwen thought Jessie's voice was like an angel. Blake said that was his wedding song and her voice is like a box of lucky charms. I noticed this a long time ago, but Gwen and Blake like similar voices.
Team Gwen, very predictable.

Michael Stein sang The Devil Went Down to Georgia-- It's a shame that no one turned for him because he is talented, particularly as a fiddler.

Ricky Manning sang Love Me Again-- Ricky's voice is boss. I loved it, and his runs were solid and consistent every time which is why Pharrell said he turned for him. I think that they are going to be a great match. Props to Blake for having the knowledge and smarts to turn around for Ricky. Adam admitted that he should have turned, and Gwen probably knows inside that she should have too. This was definitely deserving of four chairs.
Team Pharrell

Mistee Merritt sang You Gotta Be
Jeremy Cole sang I Can Dream About You

Kelli Douglas sang Danny's Song-- I am pretty excited that Pharrell passed on her. She seemed nice enough but I did not like the song choice at all. Adam turned almost immediately. Blake told Adam to stop flirting with her. Blake said your voice is haunting and there are some Texas things in your voice as well like those quick breaks in your voice. Kelli said she had to go with her heart so she picked Adam.
Team Adam

Blessing Offor sang Just the Two of Us-- Wow, a four chair turn, a blessing for Blessing! I could feel his emotion as he was singing and I loved the soul in his voice. Adam told him that they all turned around. Gwen said that Blessing's voice had that same great tone that Pharrell's does. Blake said, I think I'm gonna throw up. Adam said I could feel the electricity in this room. You recovered from being a half step off and that gave me so much confidence in you. Pharrell said he loved that he took a country song and sang it in the style that he did.
Team Pharrell

Troy Ritchie sang Out of my League-- I am super surprised that no one else turned around because Troy had a great voice, and I love the song, it's so fun and free sounding. Gwen liked his voice and how seamless it was. She said we're stuck together, you don't even get a choice. Pharrell said you have such a strong voice, and you're perfect with Gwen.
Team Gwen

Cole Wilkinson sang Classic-- Cole was so sweet. I understand why the coaches didn't turn, and I do hope that he comes back next year and tries out again. Pharrell was right, he has rhythm.

Mia Pffirrman sang Unconditionally-- Yay! Four chair turn! Adam and Blake turned first and then Gwen and Pharrell. Blake said it's incredible that you were able to do a performance of that song like that.  Gwen said I want to see who you want to become with a different song. Pharrell said she took chances vocally and she sang like it was her only moment. Mia said she chose Adam because he was persistent and complimentary.
Team Adam

Lightning Round.... so fast I didn't even get it all.....
Alessandra Castronovo sang When Love Takes Over-- Team Adam
Jordy Cercy sang ???-- Team Pharrell
Kensington Moore sang Til the Love Runs Out-- Team Blake

Bree Fondacaro sang It Ain't Me Babe -- Wow, Blake, what a find my man! I thought her voice was haunting and flawless. Gwen said I am looking forward to watching you sing some more. Adam said he always wants to push but he didn't push. Blake said your voice has a rawness to it like Bonnie Tyler, you fit perfectly into my team.

Anita Antoinette sang Turn Your Lights Down Low-- Amazing, back from season three, four chair turn. She was the performance of the night. Gwen said it was so heartfelt and you owned the song. Adam brought up that Tessanne Chin was on my team. Gwen said what have you been doing since Adam and Blake didn't choose you? Pharrell said you're definitely a different artist. Adam said when she picks me I am not giving you up; your head and your heart are in the right place. Wow, I am really shocked that she picked Gwen.
Team Gwen

Standouts tonight? I wish I could choose almost everyone but for me it was Bree and Anita. Wow.

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