Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Voice Season 7: Night 2

Overall, this was another underwhelming night. I don't feel the contestants are as talented as in years past. 

Danica Shirley sang Big White Room-- I was underwhelmed with this performance, there
was nothing that stood out for me, nothing special, and therefore, I have to give big props to
Blake for being the only judge with enough guts not to turn around. Danica, prove me
wrong, but this was mediocre.
Team Pharrell because she wanted to make him "happy"

Joe Kirk sang Lego House-- A very deserving four chair turn! I loved this, great phrasing on the lyrics and a sweet voice. He could be Adam's little bro. Adam liked his confidence, Pharrell thought he was a beast, and Gwen liked his tone but told him to loosen up on stage.
Team Adam

Menlik Zergabachew sang Santeria-- I loved the creative liberties he took with this performance. The style of the song suited him well, and then he dropped all these other little nuances into it. It was really nice. Blake turned around very early in the song and Gwen came in at the very last minute. I actually would have picked Blake. He asked Gwen if he would let him do reggae and Blake said he would let him too. Blake offered to make him a drink rather than getting a Team Gwen t shirt. I would have taken the drink personally. Blake called the performance "technically perfect".
Team Gwen

Jimi Milligan sang Get Ready-- No chair turns this time around. 

Reagan James sang Give Me Love-- Another Blake verse Gwen battle. Love her voice, she reminds me a little bit of early Gwen with the pitch of her voice. Gwen begs for Reagan to be on her team. Blake says he knows what it takes to win the competition. He loves Reagan's mix of falsetto and full voice. She says R&B is her favorite music but she does right and picks Blake. They are going to be a major threat as a team. 
Team Blake 

Taylor Phelan sang Sweater Weather-- A four chair turn. I am unsure whether or not this warranted four chairs. I liked the performance and certainly liked how in the zone he was but I would have liked to see another song on him. The judges even gave him a standing ovation. I am obviously a little bit confused this season. Adam pitches that he turned around first. Gwen felt like she was at a rock concert. Pharrell said Taylor's guitar was like part of his body, and Blake said he's never seen someone so locked into stage presence.
Team Pharrell

Caitlin Lucia sang You're the One That I Want-- No chair turns for the lackluster performance. 

Sugar Jones sang Chain of Fools-- I wonder if Sugar Jones is her real name? Anyhow, I did like her voice, she has to learn to control the growling because too much of that can be annoying. Gwen and Blake both turned at the last minute, Gwen calling her voice "perfect" and Blake saying that he wants to sing "Me and Mrs. Jones" with her desperately. 
Team Gwen

Taylor Brashears sang You Ain't Woman Enough to Take My Man-- Taylor has tons of attitude in her voice and obviously her style would suit a partnership with Blake. Adam and Pharrell turned fairly quickly while Blake said that he wanted to hear the whole song because it's one that is close to his heart. 
Team Blake 

Andy Cherry sang Everybody Want to Rule the World-- I think he tried to make this too different from the original and that's why no one turned. 

Maiya Sykes sang Stay with Me-- I liked Maiya, she seems like an experienced vocalist, and she has a powerful voice. This was a four chair turn with Pharrell on his feet almost the entire time. Blake thinks she can win the show. Pharrell tells her to follow her ambitions. Gwen welcomes Maiya to her team, and Adam reminds Maiya that he has won three trophies. Maiya decides to go with Pharrell because he stood up for her. I am not sure that's a good reason to choose him but I do think this is a good match. 
Team Pharrell

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