Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week three of Sean's Journey on The Bachelor

Week three kicks off with Lesley Murphy receiving the first one on one date of the week. She and Sean go to the Gusiness World Record Museum, and Lesley is completely unaware that they are there to break a record. They go out the museum and onto Hollywood Boulevard where they are greeted by Chris Harrison and a crowd. They are there to break the record for longest on screen kiss. The record was three minutes 15 seconds, and they beat the record. Sean said that there were moments that he forgot about the crowd; he agreed that there was great chemistry between him and Lesley. Later on, they had a rooftop dinner where Sean gave Lesley a rose.

The group date pitted the ladies against each other in a volleyball match. The first team consisted of Desiree, Lindsay, Amanda, Jackie, Kacie, and Robyn. The second team was made up of Catherine, Kristy, Daniella, Tierra, Taryn, and Leslie. The first team ended up winning ensuring that they would get to spend the night with Sean, and the other ladies were sent home.

Lindsay tells Sean that he's everything she is looking for. I am actually growing to like Lindsay; the wedding dress was a huge mistake, but I am loving who she is as a person so far. Desiree is so fun, she is so sincere too; there's nothing fake about her. Amanda basically makes a fool of herself with Sean and the other girls because she is so different with the girls than she is with him. She is overly confident with him too without knowing him and without having really spent any time with him so far. Then Kacie B. does something really odd; she pulls Sean aside to tell him about this tension that's been taking place in the house between Desiree and Amanda. I don't understand exactly why she does this because neither of those ladies brought anything up to Sean about it. It made it seem like Kacie was there for the drama, not for Sean. Sean called her out on it, and Kacie realized that she made a big mistake.

The next day, AshLee is getting ready for her date and just before Sean comes in to pick her up, Tierra falls down the stairs apparently. 

AshLee and Sean finally get to go on their date, and close down an amusement park to do so, and they surprise two young girls who are best friends, but they've never met. They met each other through the Starlight Foundation. Sean and AshLee both seemed so happy and so inspired by these two young girls. As night fell, Sean surprised all three ladies with a concert from the Eli Young Band. Later that night when it's just Sean and AshLee one on one he tells her that he can feel her heart when she speaks about what she wants in a family. She tells Sean her story of adoption and meeting her parents for the first time, and he literally has tears in her eyes as she tells her story. He feels inspired by her story and how despite the fact that she didn't have the best childhood, she is still such an amazing person.

At the cocktail party, Sean surprises Sarah by having her dog brought in for her birthday.

Tierra still keeps laughing about the fact that she fell down the stairs. I think she faked it personally. Desiree is sick of Tierra's fakeness and goes over to steal Sean. Tierra then comes back and steals him back. The rest of the night is about Sean being bounced from lady to lady.

Kacie tries to fix her mistake, but it's too late and at this point I think Sean has decided that they would be better off as friends. And he has come to that decision because when the rose ceremony starts he asks to see her so that he can give her the respect she deserves as his friend and he sends her home.

Who received a rose?
Lesley M.
Leslie H.

Who is going home?

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