Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Bachelor: Sean's Season So Far

The Bachelor has begun yet another drama filled season. This time the bachelor is hunky family oriented Texas born Sean Lowe from Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette. Sean was the second runner up and went home heartbroken after professing his love for Emily.

There are some positive points to make about the first couple of shows. There is a lot more diversity in the casting, and I think part of that is because Sean is such an open person. He's very accepting, and his sincerity in wanting to find the right partner is obvious.

Who made a good impression?

Desiree is simply awesome, her one on one date with Sean in episode two was just what it should have been. She isn't annoying, she doesn't think she has fallen in love already. She is also confident and comfortable with who she is. I loved their gallery date, and the fact that she had a sense of humor even after she was "punked". Following all that she was secure enough to go back to his place, have dinner, and then get in a hot tub! I admire her sense of security. Sean couldn't give her that rose quick enough.

I really like Leslie; she is so funny. She has this great personality and sense of humor. Her motives with Sean are real; I look forward to her getting to spend more time with him.

Kacie B. is a sweetheart and while I do like her and she has nothing but the best of intentions, I can tell that Sean sees her as a friend.
Who made a not so good impression?

I find Amanda to be an annoying pain in the butt. She reminds me of a child, petulant and wanting her way all the time.

Ashley P., a.k.a. fifty shades of gray girl; this was such a bad idea.

Tierra is someone who I am seeing as very needy, and I don't think that's what Sean is looking for.

Sarah, okay, everyone probably thinks I am mean for putting her on the list because she has one arm, but my issue with her is that she has had one date with Sean, and she is already saying that she is falling in love with him. Isn't that just a tab bit too soon?

Lesley M., I like her, but her personality seems like she would smother Sean, and no man wants that.

Diana, she wasn't right for Sean, and was eliminated at the end of Week 2.

Lindsay steps out of the limo to meet Sean in a wedding gown. What made her think this was a good idea?

So who is left, and who has been eliminated?

Still vying for Sean's Heart:

Kacie B.
Lesley M.
Leslie H.


Ashley P.
Ashley H.

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