Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Voice Season 3: Week 3 of the blind auditions lose steam

Hopefully when week four of The Voice's Blind Auditions role around they won't be the weakest week yet because week three definitely lost steam in comparison to weeks one and two. Because there were so many weak performances, I decided to make the format different from weeks one and two.

The contestants in the strong category would be the contestant's I would want on my team. 

Strong Performances:

Adam was actually honored and blessed that Michelle Brooks Thompson, who sang Proud Mary by Tina Turner turned up for auditions and wowed them.
Who did she choose? Adam

Dez Duron may have chosen an odd song....... what is Sara Smile? However, he was charming and had a great voice, that's two checks in the plus column for me.
Who did he choose? Christina 

Latin rocker Laura Vivas added an element to the competition that wasn't there before. I love her hard, yet soft edge, and she displayed it perfectly when she sang Whaddaya Want From Me by Adam Lambert!
Who did she choose? Christina

Brandon Mahone is what is termed as a singer's singer. He has the style and flair of an old school rhythm and blues singer, someone like Nat Kind Cole, Al Green, or The Temptations. In fact, Brandon sang, I Wish it Would Rain by David Ruffin of The Temptations.
Who did he choose? Adam

Ex teen pop star Jordan Pruitt was actually significantly better than I believed she would be. She has a strong feminine voice which was perfect with her singing The One That Got Away by Katy Perry.
Who did she choose? Christina

Terisa Griffin has more than just a big personality; she also had a massive voice. The thing about Terisa is that the talent is real , and she's deserving. I loved that she chose Blake, that was so unexpected, yet I completely understand her reasoning.
Who did she choose? Blake

The total package, Sylvia Yacoub is a pop star in the making; although, her voice may need some work, she poses a triple threat. Singing Only Girl in the World by Rhianna was a smart choice because it was young and energetic and it embodied the spirit that she was trying to get a home message.
Who did she choose? Christina

The best of this week for me was Cassadee Pope, a former lead singer in a band, Cassadee sang a stripped down version of Torn by Natalia Imbruglia, and it was brilliant. This is someone who I can see going far in the competition.
Who did she cboose? Blake

And here's the rest:

Diego Val sang Animal by Neon Trees and joined Cee Lo's team. I actually did like Diego and I look forward to seeing what he's going to do in the next round. The rumor is that there is a twist to the battle rounds and that the contestants may be able to jump teams.

Suzanna Choffel sang a heartfelt rendition of Landslide by Stevie Nicks and joined Blake's team.

Also picked up by Blake was

Michaela Paige who sang Sober by Pink and

Ryan Jirouec sang Amazed by Lonestar

Then there were a bunch of artist's who auditions barely made air time........

Alexis Marceaux sang Go Your Own Way and joined Cee Lo's team

Adam picked up Adam James who sang Imagine by John Lennon

and Leila Broussard sang We Can Work it Out by The Beatles also joined Blake's team.

Rounding out week three of auditions,

Charlie Rey sang Home by Michael Buble and in a battle, Rey chose Blake over Adam.

And then Amanda Brown had an unimpressive performance of Valerie by Amy Winehouse and joined Cee Lo's team. 

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