Monday, June 4, 2012

The Bachelorette Season 8: Emily Reaches to New Heights

Chris receives the first one on one date of Week 3; their mission, should they choose to accept it is to scale a tall building so that they can have dinner at the top. A thunder and lightning storm starts which frightens Emily, but she says she is comforted by Chris's presence. They finally reach the top where they.... high five? I found that weird, he could have hugged her at the very least, but a lot of them find themselves not knowing how to act simply because Emily is a mom.

The two of them discuss the intimidation factor when it comes to approaching someone they're attracted to. Emily tells Chris she wouldn't walk up to him in a bar because she would be too intimidated, whereas he says he would approach Emily because she would catch his eye. Emily is surprised when she realizes that Chris is 25, and I can definitely see how, stereotypically, age would be a factor for her. I think most people have a tendency to automatically assume that because someone is young it makes them immature but I think it is more about how an individual is raised and the experiences that they've been through. Chris seems to be very genuine though and Emily sees that. She gives him a rose and surprises him with a Luke Bryan concert. Chris says he respects Emily so much so he asks permission to kiss her; she says, why don't you try and you'll find out. Ultimately, they do kiss, and it ends with Emily saying it's one of her best dates ever.

The guys who receive the group date card are Alejandro, Alessandro, Charlie, Doug, Jeff, John, Michael, Ryan, Sean, Stevie, Tony, and Travis. This group date was actually a bit much in my opinion; it consisted of Emily's friends grilling each guy individually. Sean and Doug seem to be favorites of her friends. Sean says he wants a woman who is confident and knows who she is. Doug was raised by his father who died at a young age. He and his sister were split up and were in various foster homes. The time away takes a toll on Tony who begins missing his son to the point that Emily sends him home. Sean makes a great impression on Emily and she decides to give him the group date rose.

Arie receives the other one on one date of the week, and they go to Dollywood in Tennessee. Dolly Parton shows up at her date to sing a song that she penned for Emily herself. Emily says she is in love with Arie's personality, and that he reminds her of her fiance Ricky. Arie says that Emily has exceeded his expectations. The end up kissing and she gives him a rose.

At the cocktail party, Kalon is flat out rude to Emily. Alessandro sees having Ricki and Emily as a compromise in his life. What is wrong with these guys? She gives Kalon the benefit of the doubt (big mistake if you ask me Em!), but sends Alessandro packing faster than he can say ciao.

Arie continues to make a good impression immediately comforting Emily after what happened and they kiss again; Ryan sees green (envy) or is it red (anger)? Sean also continues to make a good impression reassuring Emily that he would be a great dad.

Stevie, Tony, and Alessandro are eliminated.

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