Monday, June 18, 2012

Bachelorette Emily Goes Off West Virginia Style in London

Emily goes on her long awaited one on one date with Sean, and this week's dates are in London so they spend the day walking around the city. There is a lot of chemistry between Emily and Sean, and it's quite obvious that they like each others company. Sean tells Emily that good girls are hard to come by, and Emily says that Sean is the whole package, marriage material. Emily likes how passionate he is and how confidently he talks about love. Sean is already confident in what he and Emily have. Emily happily gives him a rose.

The group date takes place at Stratford Upon Avon where the guys perform scenes from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet for an audience. Emily found Kalon unromantic (this is obviously some good foreshadowing)! She found herself more attracted to Arie. She says Ryan is the perfect Romeo which really surprises me. Is she crazy?

Following the performance, they go to a pub to grab some beers. Arie says that his time with Emily is always amazing. Arie and Chris discussed some comments that Kalon made about Emily and her daughter. Kalon basically referred to Ricki as baggage, and when some of the guys found out for the first time, you could literally see their stomachs drop. Kalon was then confronted by the guys and he refused to apologize for what he said or retract it.

Doug decides to tell Emily after conferring with the other guys, and when she finds out what Kalon said she says she just wants to go crazy. She decides she wants to confront Kalon. Upon confronting him, she told him to get the f*** out and that she most disappointing part in all this is that he was raised by a single mother himself.

Jef receives the second one on one date and he and Emily go to a tea room together. The two of them decide to ditch the etiquette coach at the tea room. They grab a couple of pints and some fresh fish and chips. Jef reveals to Emily that he did stick up for her and Ricki when Kalon said the things that he said. He and Emily toast Ricki and he says, if Ricki is baggage, she is like a Chloe handbag that I want to keep forever. Emily says Jef is probably the most difficult guy to read that she has ever met in her life. She says she is physically attracted to him but she needs him to show her that he is interested.

Jef and Emily go in the London Eye, and with a beautiful backdrop, they have a serious conversation. I think I'm in love with Jef; he says things in such a sincere way. He says he likes the girl she is, the mom she is, and the person she is. He says that he wants his love to also be his best friend. He kisses her and tells her it's the most anticipated kiss of his life. He tells Emily that he feels comfort when he looks in her eyes. She gives him a rose.

At the cocktail party, Emily says Ryan thinks he can get any girl and here she is falling for him. Then she spends some time with Sean and says he makes her feel taken care of and she loves being around him.

Alejandro is eliminated and Sean, Jef, Doug, Ryan, Chris, John, Travis, and Arie move on.

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