Monday, May 14, 2012

Dancing With The Stars Season 14: Weeks 8 and 9 Recap

Last week (Week 8 of competition) marked the end of the competition for Melissa and Maks and Roshon and Chelsie. It was too bad about Roshon and Chelsie because they had really started to improve by leaps and bounds. Chelsie's choreography for their Foxtrot was fun and really played to Roshon's strengths; he did a beautiful job of executing the steps.

Most Improved Week 8: Roshon and Chelsie, a part of me understands why they had to go last week, but I still find them delightful.

Most Disappointing Week 8: Katherine and Mark; this couple started out fast and furious and last week's performance was full of missteps. The big spin was off, the whole dance was off.

Mr. Smooth Week 8: William! William and Cheryl's Foxtrot was smooth, sexy, and it had tons of flare. I am so happy that Cheryl pushed him to his full potential and hasn't let up.

Most Emotional Week 8: Maria and Derek's Viennese Waltz, this dance was absolutely enchanting, something about the way that they danced said fairytale. Carrie Ann commented on the relationship developing between these two, it's beautiful to see.

Most in Need of the Len "Ten" Week 8: Donald and Peta; I am convinced that before this season is over Donald is going to earn that "ten" from Len. His Tango came pretty close, but it didn't quite satisfy.

Most Forgotten Week 8: Melissa definitely had a loyal fan base, but I suppose that could only take them so far. She and Maks were voted off last week after the judges called her Foxtrot her personal best dance ever.

This week (Week 9 of competition) was wonderful because we got to know more about the remaining four contestants. It was really touching to hear about how far each of them has come, to hear their stories, all the obstacles that they have overcome in their lives.

The Week 9 Highs and Lows--

High-- William and Cheryl's Tango, a 28 out of 30, earned few criticisms.

Low-- Katherine and Mark's Quickstep, although it was a 29 out of 30, I found it sloppy throughout.

High-- Donald and Peta's Waltz was elegant and emotional, but he still has yet to earn a ten from Len. 28 out of 30

High-- Maria and Derek's Argentine Tango was enticing and showed her transformation in this competition beautifully. It earned the only perfect score in round one. 30 out of 30

High-- William and Cheryl's Samba earned a perfect score also. This dance was full of rhythm; William definitely brought it tonight, he was not just a pretty face. 30 out of 30

Low-- Katherine and Mark's Salsa had an odd Egyptian style to it, and Katherine hurt her back. I hope she's okay. 27 out of 30

High/Low-- Donald and Peta's Samba, it was hot, but not hot enough, 29 out of 30.

High-- Maria and Derek's Jive left the judges blown away, they may have won the night. 29 out of 30 

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