Wednesday, May 2, 2012

American Idol Season 11: The Top 5 Travel Back to the 60's and Take On a British Invasion

Tonight Steven Van Zandt coaches the contestants with Jimmy Iovine. Round one had the contestants taking a time travel back to the 60s; these are tough classic songs but impressive when sung the right way.

Round two, the contestants sang songs by British Artists, with the recent influx of popular British musicians, the contestants would have a lot to choose from.

Hollie kicked off the show!

Round 1: The 60s

Hollie Cavanagh sang River Deep Mountain High by Tina and Ike Turner-- Steven said it's the first time he has seen her really step out. Randy said, like all the other judges, he liked it too, and that she wore the second verse out. Over these past two weeks, Hollie has really stepped out, and she has grown and gained confidence. She was in great voice tonight.
Score: 5

Phillip Phillips sang The Letter by The Box Tops-- Randy loved it because he made it his own. Jennifer said he is compelling to watch and a dynamic performer. Steven said there is good news and bad news; the bad news is that I couldn't find the melody. The good news is that you got away with it. I agree with the judges, Phillip is so confident in what he is doing on stage and who he is as a musician that an otherwise mediocre performance is seen as great. I also do appreciate his originality.
Score: 4.75

Skylar Laine sang Fortunate Son by Creedance Clearwater Revival-- Jennifer said she attacks every song and it is so natural for her. Steven said Skylar loves music and music loves her. Randy talked about how Skylar is ready to be up on a stage, and he asked her if it's what she loves most, and she said, "yes sir". In all honesty, I've been thinking about what is going to happen when this season is over, and I am thinking that just about everyone who was in the Top 7 is going to score a record deal. Skylar is just one of many whose album I cannot wait to go out and buy. She is such a firecracker.
Score: 5

Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips sang You Lost That Loving Feeling by The Righteous Brothers-- The boys nailed this performance, I loved all the passion in it and what each of them brought to it individually and as a duo. Amazing! Steven thought the duet was beautiful. Jen and Randy thought it really came alive as the performance went on.

Jessica Sanchez sang Proud Mary by Tina Turner-- Jen thought it had a lot of soul and she sounded like a combination of Tina Turner and Beyonce. Steven thought it sounded great and she brought the blues out of it. Randy thought it was just okay, and it didn't really sit well with him. I agree with Randy, I didn't see a lot that was special about this performance. For a singer as skilled as Jessica, this sounded a little bit karaoke.
Score: 4

Joshua Ledet sang Ain't Too Proud to Beg by The Temptations-- Steven thinks he is one of the top two idols of all time. I wonder who the other person is, just out of curiosity? Jen said he is like a throwback from another era. Randy said you could make a record like this right now and bring R&B back in a big way.
Score: 5

Round 2: British Invasion

Hollie Cavanagh sang Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis-- Steven loved this and thinks she has a beautiful ballad voice. Jen thought it was breathtaking at parts and felt that Hollie surprised even herself. I think Jessica needs to watch it because in my opinion Hollie has passed her tonight and she may be in trouble tomorrow night in terms of votes.
Score: 4.9

Phillip Phillips sang Time of the Season by The Zombies-- Randy thought it was a nice performance but he wasn't jumping up and down about it. Jen thought the verses suited Phillips' singing style, and the melody of the song was familiar enough that people were drawn in. Steven was pleased that he sang the melody. This may have been a little bit too mellow, could Phillip be in trouble? I think so.
Score: 4.5

Skylar Laine sang You Don't Have To Say You Love Me by Dusty Springfield--  Randy said she is peaking at the right time and getting better at telling a story with the songs she sings and she way she sings them. Jennifer told her that she can win this. I think Skylar is top three maybe even top two material.
Score: 5

Jessica Sanchez sang You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker-- Jen felt this was similar to her performance of I Will Always Love You in that she captivated the whole audience. Randy said your talent love is unbelievable, that was so good. I was touched by this performance, but will it be enough to save her from the disaster that was Proud Mary?
Score: 5

Joshua Ledet sang To Love Somebody by The Bee Gees-- The judges gave Joshua another standing ovation. Randy said what you did is what it's all about. You were born to do this. I have been doing this show for eleven seasons, and you're one of the best singers ever on this show. Jen said, forget this show, you're one of the best singers I've heard in the past 50 years. Steven said that he could record that song right now and make it a hit. Joshua deserves every compliment he receives, and I cannot wait to hear him sing his own songs.
Score: 5

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