Monday, January 25, 2010

Bachelor Jake Pavelka.... all the dirt from this season so far!

When the new season of The Bachelor debuted on January 4th, little did I know that there would be so much drama. The first week was pretty typical with Jake meeting all 25 hopefuls and narrowing down the field to 15. Some girls had a crazy way of showing their eagerness to get to know Jake. Christina, a restaurant manager from San Diego, CA gave out candy to all the girls to "sweeten" the fact that all these girls were going to lose and she was going to win. Elizabeth, a nanny from Imperial, NE played a game of touch football with Jake outside. Michelle, one of the most controversial women to be on the show, poured her heart out to Jake on the first night!

Following the first elimination, these women moved on (in the order which he gave them a rose):
Tenley, 25, College Admissions, Newburg, OR (first impression rose)
Ella, 30, Hair Stylist, Lafollette, TN
Elizabeth, 29, Nanny, Imperial, NE
Ali, 25, Advertising Account Manager, Williamstown, MA
Vienna, 23, Marketing Rep., Sanford, FL
Christina, 25, Restaurant Manager, San Diego, CA
Gia, 26, Swimsuit Model, NYC, NY
Ashley, 29, Teacher, Pittsburgh, PA
Rozlyn, 28 Model/ Make Up Artist, Richmond, VA
Jessie, 25, Cosmetic Sales Manager, Ontario, Canada
Corrie, 23, Wardrobe Consultant, Kissimmee, FL
Valisha, 31, Homemaker, San Bernadinom CA
Ashleigh, 25, Account Manager, N. Potomac, MD
Kathryn, 25, Corporate Flight Attendant, Lexington, KY
Michelle, 26, Office Manager, Anaheim, CA

Episode 2:
Jake's first group date was with Christina, Gia, Rozlyn, Corrie, Valisha, and Ashleigh; they went to Santa Monica for a magazine photo shoot with InStyle magazine. Following that, they had dinner on the roof of a hotel where Christina had way too much to drink, Gia rocked a bikini, and Rozlyn was a tease and used her sex appeal to wrap Jake around her finger. Jake offers Rozlyn a rose.

Ali received the first one on one date and went on a plane ride where Jake was the pilot; Ali was very nervous but Jake eased her fears. They then drove to a secluded spot where a private concert featuring Chicago was played just for them. Jake says Ali is a beautiful person on the inside, and Ali says she will fight for what she has with Jake. He gives her a rose.

Elizabeth, Vienna, Ashley, Jessie, and Kathryn go on a group date with Jake to an amusement park. Elizabeth writes him a letter asking him not to kiss her until she is the last one standing. Jake is intrigued and offers Elizabeth a rose.

Michelle threatens to leave because she did not receive a date.

Christina and Ashley are eliminated but Rozlyn is too. She is disqualified for having a physical and sexual relationship with a staff member from the show. The staff member was fired for his actions. Other girls reported what they saw to producers and apparently this is how Rozlyn was found out. I mean seriously, Rozlyn, you are going on the show because you want to be with Jake, you think Jake is the perfect man for you. You decide to convince him of that by sleeping with someone else? You are seriously diluted. I am happy she got kicked off and was found out.

Episode 3:
Vienna, who is causing more bickering in the house than anyone, gets a one on one date with Jake to go on a helicopter ride and bungee jumping. Surprisingly, both are afraid of heights, and share a kiss while upside down. Vienna goes back to the house and brags all about her date with Jake. The rest of the women are none too pleased.

Tenley, Elizabeth, Ali, Ashleigh, Corrie, Kathryn, Jessie, and Michelle have a group date at a comedy club with Jon Lovitz who teaches them how to tell a joke. The women then must deliver their comedy routine to an audience and Jake. Corrie makes her comedy routine all about Vienna, which is telling to Jake. He questions Corrie and the other women; hopefully he will eliminate her this coming week. Michelle forces Jake to kiss her which prompts him to send her home.

Ella has her one on one date with Jake at Sea World; he brings Ella's song because it is Ella's birthday. Jake sees that she is a great mom and gives her a rose.

Valisha and Elizabeth are sent packing. Elizabeth questions whether or not she should have kissed Jake.


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