Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Ultimate Fall TV Schedule continued...


Ugly Betty, 8- 9 p.m. ABC (premieres: September 25th)

Ugly Betty picked up their cast and crew and moved to New York City; the season premiere is the first episode that was filmed entirely in New York. The premiere answers a lot of questions, who will Betty choose, Gio or Henry? Will Hilda ever find true love? Who will run Mode, Daniel or Wilhelmina? Where will Ignacio work? Regis and Kelly will appear on Ugly Betty as themselves.

CSI, 9- 10 p.m. CBS (premieres: October 9th)

The ninth season opener is all about Warrick Brown fighting for his life. The episode centers around the team trying to find his killer while Warrick's killer, the undersheriff works the case. Sara (Jorja Fox) returns when she hears about Warrick's condition. Later in the season, Laurence Fishburne will join the show and the CSI's while William Petersen's Grissom departs. Some suggest it has something to do with Lady Heather's return to the show, others suggest it has to do with Sara. Lauren Lee Smith joins the show as new CSI Riley Adams who is a rebellious, non conformist.

Grey's Anatomy, 9- 10 p.m. ABC (premieres: September 25th)

One of my favorite spoiler websites, reports that Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny Duquette is returning to the series. Someone may be pregnant in the season opener and/ or lying about being pregnant, and mid season may bring Addison back to Seattle Grace. reports that this season will be full of unlikely couples. Although Derek and Meredith may move in together, no one should expect them to be walking down the aisle anytime soon.

ER, 10- 11 p.m. NBC (premieres: September 25th)

The 15th and final season of the long running medical drama will finish a 19 episode run in February sweeps. It is the second longest running drama on TV (after Law & Order) and the longest running medical drama in TV history (info. courtesy of wikipedia). Mekhi Pfifer's fan favorite character, Dr. Gregory Pratt will die in the premiere. Angela Bassett and real life husband Courtney B. Vance join the series this year and play a married couple. Will Neela and Ray reunite when Shane West comes back to show? Are Abby, Luka, and baby Joe gone for good when Abby accepts a job in Boston? Noah Wyle will make some guest appearances. Producers say to look for plenty of surprises. There is no doubt that this season will provoke tears; I, for one, am sad all ready.

(Friday and Saturday; there are no dramas or comedies worth watching; I do recommend you all watch America's Most Wanted (Saturday 9-10 p.m. FOX) and 48 Hours Mystery (Saturday 10-11 p.m. CBS).

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