Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: Summer's Sensation

So You Think You Can Dance is entering its fourth week of voting in the search for America's best dancer. It has easily been the sensation of the summer for the past three years and now in its fourth season it remains hotter than ever. Nigel Lythgoe, judge and executive producer, said earlier in the season that there is no clear cut favorite this year; however, I do think there are individuals or couples that stand out in the group of 20 that has quite easily been narrowed down to 14 by America and the judges.

Out of the six that have been eliminated so far, only one was eliminated before her time and that was Susie Garcia, the 25 year old salsa dancer from Miami, Florida who was as hot as the city itself. Unfortunately, Susie and her partner Marquis Cunningham had to do a smooth waltz their first week, and on the second week Susie did not live up to choreographer Alex DaSilva's eccentric salsa routine. Nigel said it was hot, but not hot enough.
I am going to write about who I think should be in the top 4 (well, I have selected 5 dancers because I just could not do otherwise). This is my top 5 in alphabetical order:

Joshua Allen-- this 19 year old hip hop phenom from Fort Worth, TX surprises me every single week, and his partnership with Katee Shean in unreal. he has danced hip-hop, broadway, and samba and not missed a beat. His hip hop routine with Katee to "No Air" (Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown) was effortless, the tricks were crazy good, and when he needed to hit it hard; he hit it.

Stephen "Twitch" Boss-- I guess the second time around is always better, at least this holds true for Twitch. He auditioned last year for So You Think You Can Dance and just missed the top 20, but wow was he worth the wait. Twitch just has a style all his own which has shown up in his three dances so far, broadway, Vienesse waltz, and hip hop. I love his partnership with Kherrington; they make each other better, and Twitch is more gentle on the dance floor at all the right times because of her.

Kherrington Payne-- Kherrington is the youngest competitor this season, but her dancing shows great maturity and poise. The contemporary jazz dancer catches on quick, and her face is just stunning. She has made Twitch a more thoughtful dancer, because she makes herself rely on him; her vulnerability is beautiful. But do not mistake her vulnerability for a lack of strength because she is probably the strongest female dancer in the competition.

Katee Shean-- I must admit I was slightly soured when this 20 year old contemporary dancer living in Orange County, California said that if she didn't make the top 20 she would not audition again. I thought if this is your passion in life, if this is what you really want to do you need to do whatever it takes. Katee has not disappointed since she hit the dance floor; she is so versatile and the chemistry between her and Joshua is amazing. I cannot wait to see what she does next.

William Wingfield-- Will is agruably the most gifted dancer on the show this year or maybe even ever. He is so good that there needs to be a new word for good. Debbie Allen is Will's mentor and you can certainly see her influence in his dancing every week. He makes his partner Jessica King improve with every step and she is now a dark horse in this competition. He has helped her boost her self confidence. His tango was masculine, the hip hop was dirty, and his disco was Travoltaesque, what more could I want?

All pictures are from the official website for the show: http://www.fox.com/dance/

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