Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Sex in the City.............

My Fave Episodes in the Series continues.......

Season 2 Episode 30: Ex and the City --- Carrie, “I couldn’t help but wonder, can you be friends with an ex?” The Plot: Carrie has never been friends with an ex and decides to try and be friends with Big, so she calls him up and asks him to dinner. Miranda runs away when she sees Steve, but then he goes by her apartment and they end up sleeping together. The two decide that they are friends, “that have sex”. Samantha dates a guy who is “too big“, and she breaks up with him for her own safety. Charlotte begins riding horses again as a way to overcome the trauma of being thrown from her horse Taddie when she was a child. At Carrie’s dinner with Big he tells her that he is engaged, she storms out, but not before telling him how she feels. She tells him that he had commitment issues for two years when they were together, but he gets engaged to what’s her name (the infamous Natasha) in five months.


Carrie: Ladies, I'm having an epiphany. The world is made up of two types of women. The simple girls and the Katie girls. I'm a Katie girl.

Carrie: Your girl is lovely Hubbell.
Big: I don’t get it.
Carrie: And you never did.

My 2 Cents: I love it when towards the end of the show, the girls are all together and Carrie says that she is like Barbara Streisand’s character in The Way We Were. Charlotte, Miranda, and Carrie break out in song and Samantha has never seen the movie! She says that Big is like Hubbell and she is Katie. It is then that Carrie decides she is a woman who doesn’t want to be tamed by a man. Oh you must watch the clip! ---

Season 3 Episode 36: Are We Sluts?--- Carrie, “I couldn’t help but wonder, are we romantically challenged, or are we sluts?” The Plot: Carrie questions why Aiden won’t sleep with her. Samantha is forced to move out of her building and to the seedy meatpacking district because one of her late night guests let a robber in who held someone at gunpoint. Miranda discovers that she has Chlamydia , and has the embarrassing task of informing all the men she has slept with. Charlotte is horrified when her new banker boyfriend verbally abuses her during sex. Carrie figures out that when Aiden just wants to take things slowly that she has been passing up romance for sex.


Samantha: They practically chased me with torches like I was fuckenstein.
Carrie: Oh, relax, they can't evict you for having sex.
Samantha: Of course, not, they’re just jealous, they’re a bunch of dried up old farts who haven't had sex since Eisenhower, and I remind them of what they can't have

My 2 Cents: I love how Aiden is this true romantic and that holds true for pretty much the whole series; John Corbett is just awesome in this role. It’s nice to see romance win out sometimes.

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