Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Top Three Go Three Rounds on Idol

The final three on Idol sang three songs tonight; the first was a judge's choice, second was contestant's choice, and third was producer's choice.

01 David Archuleta sang "And So It Goes" made famous by Billy Joel (Paula's Choice)-- I liked the performance but I didn't think there was anything special about it.
Score: 4.0

02 Syesha Mercado sang "If I Ain't Got You" made famous by Alicia Keys (Randy's Choice)-- I thought she sang this song well, but I think that I expected more than what she delivered. She did change quite a few notes, but as Simon said, it wasn't enough.
Score: 4.0

03 David Cook sang "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" made famous by Roberta Flack (Simon's Choice)-- This was an awesome song choice by Simon. I was impressed with how Simon changed this song, and to quote Simon, "Round one goes to Cook and Cowell".
Score: 5.0

01 David A. sang "With You" made famous by Chris Brown-- I appreciate David singing a song this is very different from what he is used to stylistically. It did sound good in his vocal range, but was it believeable? Not really. It was like a "chiwawa trying to be a tiger," according to Simon.
Score: 3.9

02 Syesha sang "Fever" made famous by Peggy Lee-- Syesha chose the perfect song for herself and worked it. The song was vocally fierce and I loved it.
Score: 5

03 David C. sang "Dare You To Move" made famous by Switchfoot-- I thought this was a cool choice of song, and it made me really happy to listen to him sing it. I kept wishing I could hear the whole song; Paula made a good point. It's tough to take a three and a half minute song and cram it into a minute thirty.
Score: 4.25

01 David A. sang "Longer" made famous by Dan Fogelberg-- This song is more David's type of song stylistically. He sang the song well, and I believe it was his best vocal of the night. Simon was right in the respect that it was too mature for him.
Score: 4.4

02 Syesha sang "Hit Me Up" made famous by Gia Farrell-- I did not like the song choice at all, and I think the producers did her a great diservice by asking her to sing this song.
Score: 4.2

03 David C. sang "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" made famous by Aerosmith-- David sang this song better than I thought he would. Simon proclaimed it, and I agree: David won the night.
Score: 5

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