Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Olympics: Day 4 Rio

I still don't know what this team is going to call themselves, but whatever they decide on, they're incredible. The team of five women's gymnasts that make up the US team, Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, Laurie Herandez, and Madison Kocian dared to go there. They took chances, executed to near perfection, and in the end, won by a margin of over 8 points.

Women's Gymnastics Team Finals

1. USA 184.897
2. Russian Federation 176.688
3. China 176.003
4. Japan 174.371
5. Great Britain 174.362
6. Germany 173.672
7. Netherlands 172.447
8. Brazil 172.087

Update! They have given themselves the name, The Final Five because they are Marta Karolyi's last team, and in Tokyo in 4 years, Teams will consist of four members instead of five.


Katie Ledecky is three for three for medals at these Games and two for two in individual Golds at these Games. Katie said she definitely felt the pressure and has never lost a race on an international stage in her whole career. She said this is the closest to throwing up she has ever felt in any race. She is favored to win in the 800m Freestyle later this week. Ledecky beat out Sarah Sjostrom who was favored to win.

Women's 200m Freestyle

1. Katie Ledecky, USA, 1.53.73
2. Sarah Sjostrom, Sweden, 1.54.08
3. Emma McKeon, Australia, 1.54.92

Last night Chad Le Clos shadow boxed in front of Michael Phelps in the ready room. It also looked like he shook his body in front of him, maybe even danced. Phelps stared ahead, headphones on, looking super Darth Vader. Tonight, Phelps put it all out there, and left everything he had in the in pool. He always does though. Some may have doubted this come back. He had a lot of competition in this race: Le Clos, Cseh, and Kanderesi, but at the end, Phelps won his 20th Gold Medal!

Men's 200m Butterfly

1. Michael Phelps, USA, 1.53.36
2. Masato Sakai, Japan, 1.53.40
3. Tamas Kenderesi, Hungary, 1.53.62

and Le Clos, for the record, finished out of the medals.

The Iron Lady, Katinka Hosszu won her third Gold at these Games. Hosszue has made a lot of notable changes to her training regimen including firing her old coach and hiring her husband as her coach. Maya Dirado of the US Team who made her debut at these Games, won a bronze. She previously announced that she would retire at the end of these Games to pursue her career as a business analyst.

Women's 200m Individual Medley

1. Katinka Hosszu, Hungary, 2.06.58 Olympic Record
2. Siobhan Marie O'Connor, Great Britain, 2.06.88
3. Madeline Dirado, USA, 2.08.79

Make it 21 Golds for Phelps, 25 career medals, and for Ryan Lochte, not too shabby either, Olympic medal number 12. The US men were unbeatable in the Men's 4x 200m relay. They finished more than 3 seconds ahead of second place finisher Great Britain. Michael Phelps swan the anchor leg and as he was getting ready his swim cap broke, and Conor Dwyer quickly handed his swim cap to Phelps who quickly put it on and made it efficiently off the blocks.

Men's 4x 200m Freestyle Relay

1. USA, 7.00.66 (Team USA: Conor Dwyer, Francis Haas, Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps)
2. Great Britain, 7.03.13
3. Japan, 7.03.50

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