Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Favorite Things: July 2014 Edition

**Urban Kitchen-- I fell in love with their eye pillow in lavender over Christmas along with some Sandalwood soap. Then I went to their Etsy store and quickly became obsessed. Eucalyptus Mint, Mojito, and Lavender are just a few of my favorite soap scents. In the amazingly potent soy candles, I love Coconut Lime Verbena and Green Tea & Lemongrass. Much like all good things in life, you can't pick just one smell. Urban Kitchen is reasonably priced and ships quickly and beautifully. They also regularly appear at fairs and markets like SOWA, The Greenway, as well as having their own studio in Allston, MA.

Check out their Facebook page here: for the latest happenings.

**Chef--It was the movie that stole my attention and my heart this summer. The cast was a stellar Hollywood's who's who-- Jon Favreau, John Leguizamo, Bobby Cannavale, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Downey Jr., Oliver Platt, Scarlett Johansson, and Sofia Vergara. With a beautifully directed, colorfully written story of a chef who is all but washed up, Chef not only made me hungry, it also made me laugh, cry, and feel good all over. The movie is not just about food but life, and how many roads lead us to where we want to be.

**Pens by Mark's Inc. -- These pens are amazing! Why I didn't discover them when they were right under my nose is beyond me. I love the fine point. These pens are awesome for letter writing or sketching. They're pricey but worth it. I am trying to find more places where I can purchase them.

**Sweet Paul -- This guy is going to be big, I promise, so jump on the bandwagon now. His new cookbook/ craft book, Sweet Paul Eat & Make came out a few months ago. I love his eclectic style and the simplicity of his food and crafts. Everything is extremely doable for anyone and everyone. I am not great in the kitchen and Sweet Paul makes me feel good about myself.

Here's a fun summer recipe from his summer magazine--

Raspberry Mojito

handful of fresh mint  leaves
5 fresh raspberries
1/2 oz. lime juice
1 teaspoon sugar syrup
1 oz. golden rum
1 tablespoon raspberry liqueur
ginger ale

1. Put all the mint leaves into a highball glass with the raspberries and top with ice.

2. Pour in the lime juice, sugar syrup, golden rum, and raspberry liqueur before thoroughly stirring and topping off with ginger ale.

**New TV! Mini rave! Criminal Minds is one of my all time favorite shows, and news has come that a new agent is joining the team-- Kate Callahan played by Jennifer Love Hewitt. I couldn't be more excited. All our faves are back with a cool new addition, what could be better.

As for summer TV, Mistresses has kept me occupied thus far. I love the saucy storylines. I love that Savi chose Dom, now if only they could be happy for a while.

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