Saturday, March 6, 2010

American Idol Season 9: The Top 10 Ladies

I know that this post is late, but I have been without Internet since last Wednesday. After watching the results show, one elimination was obvious, and the other was a surprise at best for the ladies. I will post their results following my show summary; as for the guys John Park and Jermaine Sellers were eliminated, no surprise there.

The best for the ladies in week 2 was the first and the last, Crystal Bowersox (who almost had to bow out of the competition) and Siobhan Magnus. Crystal sang a gospel song called "Clear Water As Long As I Can See the Light". Kara said that she completely recovered from last week's "just ok" performance, and that she is Americana rock. Simon believes that Crystal has been underestimated and much like Kelly Clarkson they have a real artist on their hands. I am happy that Crystal is a part of this competition; she is so different, and I love that about her.

Siobhan sang "Think", the soul classic by Aretha Franklin, and Randy called her performance dope and fearless. Kara said she has no idea how Siobhan hit the high note in her song. Simon called her interesting and talented. This young woman is a dark horse in this competition and I think she is going to continue her consistency.

Haeley Vaughn gave by far the most dreadful performance of the night. I was actually looking forward to hearing her sing "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. Randy said it was so pitchy and she had no connection to the song; Ellen agreed. Simon called it a complete and utter mess. I think the vocal was totally forced which is why it is no surprise that she was sent packing this week.

Lacey Brown tackled "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer and Kara agreed that she stepped it up from last week but must continue to do so if she wants to stay in the competition. Simon said that she is acting like she is in a singing competition rather than showing the judges and the public who she is as an artist.

Katie Stevens also improved from last week but continued to struggle with the youth factor; she is acting older than she is. Ellen and Kara agreed that she should have chosen a hipper song than "Put Your Records On". Simon said that once again she failed to tell the public who she is.

Didi Benami was the other woman I thought would be eliminated this week (besides Haeley). Her take on "Lean On Me" was all over the place; Simon went as far as to say, she was screeching.

Michelle Delamor took a chance and left her comfort zone singing "Arms Wide Open" by rock group Creed. Kara called it her face Michelle performance ever because she did something different and believed in it. Simon agreed with Kara and appreciated the risk she took.

Randy called Lilly Scott's performance of "A Change is Gonna Come" his favorite of the night; Simon liked it but said that Crystal was better.

I have to agree with the judges and say that Katelyn Epperly's performance of "The Scientist" by Coldplay was so slow that I thought I was going to fall asleep. Simon thought it was a million times better than last week.

Paige Miles sang "Walk Away" originally sang by Kelly Clarkson and co-written by Kara. Kara said it was meant to be angrier, but overall she liked it. Simon did not like the song choice and Randy was not crazy about it either.

The two ladies sent home were Haeley and Michelle; I disagree with Michelle being sent home I think she is better than that, and I don't think she had the chance to show America her true talent.

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